Thursday 27 July 2017

Marriage referendum: Gay people and their parents respond to the result

Justin McAleese
Justin McAleese
Tom Curran
Anthony Kelly, Campaigner
Marie Brady, mother of Tiernan
Ursula Halligan, Broadcaster
Leo Varadkar, Minister
Tom Hickey, father of Daire
Eithne and Andy Hyland, whose son Andrew is gay, at their home in Ballinteer, Dublin Newsdesk Newsdesk

Gay people and their parents, who told their personal stories in the campaign, respond to the result

Justin McAleese, Campaigner

"We were out canvassing for ourselves, our identity and our sense of worth. People of Ireland, the majority, came out and made it all worthwhile. Thank you."

Tom Curran, Father of Finnian

"This campaign made us rediscover our fundamental values of decency, acceptance and tolerance. It has restored our faith in one another."

Anthony Kelly, Campaigner

"No longer does a mother need to tell her son or daughter that their lives would be easier if they weren't gay."

Marie Brady, Mother of Tiernan

"It's wonderful to have played a part in this historic event which I hope Tiernan will benefit from some time in future. I'll buy a new hat and happily give him away."

Ursula Halligan, Broadcaster

"Ireland voting Yes is an ungrudging acknowledgement of equality. But the very fact of the referendum changed the world for some of us.

Leo Varadkar, Minister

"I wanted to be an equal citizen of my country and today I am. It was personal for a lot of people, not just gay men and lesbians, but their friends, families, colleagues."

Tom Hickey, Father of Daire

"I feel absolutely elated. I feel a vindication for Daire, who he is as a person; for me, his mother, his sister, because we are always hugely supportive of him."

Eithna Hyland, Mother of Andrew

"The Yes vote shows there are very nice people living in Ireland. At mass today, the priest congratulated us on the Yes vote and that made me feel happy."

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