Tuesday 19 September 2017

THE FLOATING VOTER PODCAST: Shane Ross as Brexit Minister? Enda the Survivor and Mayo's Babestation problems

Shane Ross TD Picture: Tom Burke
Shane Ross TD Picture: Tom Burke

With the visit of Tory Prime Minister, Theresa May, to Government Buildings next week, are we Brexit-ready? The Floating Voter's, Group Political Editor, Kevin Doyle and Political Correspondents, Niall O'Connor and Philip Ryan, discuss the implications of May’s visit as well as Enda the Survivor, and the Dail echo chamber, on this week's show.

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As May seeks to re-assure us there’s nothing to worry about, sure it’s all under control, experts are increasingly warning of a hard Brexit with commentators fearing the government is not doing enough to prepare.

“But we shouldn’t be in a rush to criticise or be side tracked from the real issues facing people in this country,” said Niall O’Connor.  “Brexit is not one of them – and perhaps we are ready?”

“Maybe we should be looking for the British government to pay for any increased costs to security, customs and border control that are incurred by the Irish state as a result of Brexit?” queried Ryan.  “And what about nominating Shane Ross to be our Brexit Minister to deal with the Brits?”

The panel also asked whether Enda Kenny would see out the year - are the leaders-in-waiting looking for their moment, wondered Doyle.

“It’s Varadkar’s to lose,” said Ryan.  “But Frances Fitzgerald is a significant dark horse who could play a big role in the election of the next leader.”

And finally on the show, with fraud and misogyny so prevalent on both sides of the Atlantic now, is Irish politics just too boring?  Is the Dail becoming increasingly irrelevant and just an echo chamber asked Doyle.

“The Dail and government is not something that should just be on in the background while you’re doing the ironing,” said Ryan before the conversation took a strange turn off to Mayo constituents and Babestation callers. 

Just the normal strange week in Irish politics then…..

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