Wednesday 23 August 2017

Kenny: 'Goodbye Showtime - Hello Stability'

Enda Kenny
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Taoiseach Enda Kenny has repeated his pledge to provide affordable childcare, cut income tax and hike the minimum wage in the upcoming Budget.

But despite an electoral pact, Fine Gael and Labour will campaign on separate policy programmes, he told the Ibec president's dinner last night.

Mr Kenny said Fine Gael's plan will be targeted at replacing the jobs lost in the crash, cutting the jobless rate to 6.6pc and safeguarding the public finances by generating surpluses and reducing the debt.

A month ahead of the Budget, he again ruled out a giveaway. There will be no return to the "bravado of 'If I have it, I'll spend it'," Mr Kenny said, in a clear reference to Fianna Fáil Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy's boom era economic policies.

He added: "It's actually Goodbye Showtime - Hello Stability."

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