Thursday 19 October 2017

Clare Daly misses out on on possible Aer Lingus windfall as her 17,000 shares depart

Clare Daly
Clare Daly
Nick Webb

Nick Webb

Clare Daly is by far my favourite bonkers leftie TD. She truly kicks ass.

But Daly as a stock market trader is less amazing. Daly, a long-time Aer Lingus staffer before shaking up politics, owned 17,000 shares in the airline according to the Oireachtas Register of Members Interests in 2012. They were part of an employee share option scheme, apparently. What a terrific investment.

Shares have risen sharply since IAG's first tried to throw its leg over Aer Lingus just before Christmas.

However, Daly no longer has those shares. They weren't listed in the latest Oireachtas register of interests. The Aer Lingus share register lists her holding a big fat zero as of April last year. Aer Lingus shares were trading at around €1.67 at the time.

Willie Walsh's latest offer price is a good 53pc higher than that, although it's looking increasingly wobbly. Labour looks to have nixed a buyout deal.

Daly didn't comment last week. Or the week before. But had she kept those shares, they'd be worth up to €15,000 more.

Daly and some of her fellow leftie TDS have done the public a tremendous service of highlighting inequity, raising hell and holding the Government to account...but when it comes to selling stuff on the markets they may be less than stellar.

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