Saturday 25 March 2017

Boxer Moran is target of web abuse

Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran. Pic Tom Burke
Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran. Pic Tom Burke
Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

Independent TD Kevin 'Boxer' Moran has said he was concerned at the effect of online abuse on his family. Mr Moran, the latest TD to speak out about the trolling of politicians over social media, said he was subjected to nasty remarks online after he signed up to support the minority Government.

"I was concerned at the level of abuse I was taking on Facebook, for my family more so than myself," he told the Irish Independent. He said his teenage sons were hearing about it in school. "My two sons were feeling - 'Is this right? Dad, is this what politics is about?'" he said.

Mr Moran said while he has "a thick neck", that "we're all human beings at the end of the day and we all have families".

He said he has no problem with criticism but that it has to be done "in a proper fashion".

"Some of the stuff of recent times - talking to other politicians - is becoming vicious," he added, saying that it's time people spoke out, especially in light of the killing of British MP Jo Cox last week. He said he'd like to see online abuse discussed in the Dáil and suggested that representatives of social media networks could be quizzed by a committee on how it can be prevented.

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