Monday 25 September 2017

Now you can answer the call by taking priest test on an iPhone

Fiona Ellis

THE Catholic Church is going hi-tech in a bid to boost falling vocations and to recruit more candidates to the priesthood.

A new iPhone app -- the first of its kind in the world that is designed to promote vocations to the the priesthood in Ireland -- is being launched today .

As part of its many features, the app includes a test section where the user can see how suitable they may be for the priesthood.

One of the tests is a celibacy test. The test gives a man considering the priesthood as a vocation some food for thought on the sacrifices he would have to make.

"We put together a little set of questions, which would be indicative, they are not scientific now, they won't stand up in a science process, but allows people to answer some questions they might have about the priesthood," said Fr Paddy Rush, the national co-ordinator of diocesan vocation directors.

"The celibacy test, which is a loose term, basically asks questions like: 'Do you have a sense of sacrifice? Do you feel you have a sense of balance in your life? Can you relate easily to men and women?'"

The second part is a vocations suitability test asking questions such as: "Do you have a desire to serve others? And do you have a passion for the community?"

Fr Rushe said the app demonstrates the church and the gospel has a place in the modern technical world.

The app also has a connection to Twitter and Facebook, contact details and statistics on the 26 dioceses in Ireland.

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