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Tuesday 16 September 2014

'No' vote makes us darlings of Eurosceptics

Geoff Meade

Published 19/06/2008 | 00:00

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Eurosceptic members of the European Parliament display posters calling on the EU to respect the outcome of Ireland's vote during a debate yesterday.

THEY came to the European Parliament yesterday sporting green jumpers with the words 'Respect the Irish vote' emblazoned across the front and carrying posters bearing the words 'Respect the Irish No'.

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Our 'No' vote in last week's Lisbon Treaty referendum has suddenly made us the darlings of the Eurosceptics across the bloc.

Fine Gael MEP Avril Doyle said it was a turn-up for the books to see "a motley collection of extreme right-wing Brits'' demanding respect for the Irish 'No' vote in the parliament.

Ms Doyle remarked: "How things could have been different if only our British colleagues had come to this conclusion a century ago.''

She challenged one Irish MEP, who had campaigned against the treaty with leaflets showing a syringe, to explain what it meant.

"Where exactly is euthanasia provided for in this treaty?" she asked.

The Irish Government's analysis of what to do next would have to produce answers acceptable, not just to 'No' campaigners, but to the rest of Europe she said.

"A measured response is called for, but not the appeasement of extremists. A two-speed Europe is the beginning of the end."


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