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Woman discovers she's been wearing someone else's wedding ring

Cormac Fitzgerald

Published 13/08/2015 | 16:03

Marianne Crowley made the discovery last night
Marianne Crowley made the discovery last night

A woman has realised that the wedding ring she had been given in 1997 had been switched with another at some stage, and she had been wearing someone else's ring.

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Marianne Crowley told RTÉ’s Liveline that she got married in November 1997 to her husband Flor, and received a plain gold wedding band that she has worn since.

However, after removing the ring last night and inspecting it with a magnifying glass, she discovered that she had been wearing someone else’s ring for an unsure length of time.

The inscription on the ring read: ‘3/7/93 Pat’

Marianne said that she remembered dropping a ring down a sink in a hotel about eight years ago, but isn’t sure if it was her wedding ring. 

“I have a distant memory of dropping a ring down a sink in a hotel but I got it back. But I don’t know which ring it was,” she said.

“Even if it was the one I dropped down the sink what are the chances of picking up one that was the exact same and even fitted my finger.

“I got such a shock, I couldn‘t believe it,” she said.

Ms Crowley said she even contacted a jeweller to see if the inscription could have been underneath her own inscription but was told that it wasn’t possible.

“It’s all a bit of a nightmare… it’s a real mystery,” she said.

She has promised to return the ring to whoever claims it, and hopes that they will be able to help her solve the mystery of her own missing ring.

“They might give a clue as to where mine is,” she said.

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