Saturday 21 October 2017

What it says in the papers

Rory McIlroy
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These are the stories that you need to know about this morning.

The Greek crisis takes the lead on the Irish Independent this morning with 'Germany fears knock-on debt write-off for Ireland' as Germany is unwilling to write off Greek debts as it fears this would result in similar deals for Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

The Herald meanwhile runs a story of INLA terrorists being given the all-clear by dissident bosses in the North to run an extortion campaign in Dublin with the header ''Whacker' Duffy in gang cash drive'.

Rory McIlroy's ankle injury features on the front page of the Irish Daily Star wth the line 'The Claret Mug' as the paper reports that the golfer could lose up to €10m in prize money and sponser bonuses as a result of the injury.

'Child language skills linked to family care' is the front page story of The Irish Times who report that, according to new research, infants cared for by a relative develop better language skills by the age of three than those cared for in setting such as creches.

The Irish Examiner then leads with 'Minors forced to hide drugs internally for prison visits' as the paper reports that prison authorities have revealed that children are sometimes forced by gangs to smuggle drugs into prison - in their bodies. 

A story that runs across a number of papers aso features in the Irish Daily Mail - and that is 'The scandal of our pregnant binge drinkers' as a study comparing pregnant women's alcohol consumption reveals that Ireland has the highest prevalence of drinking compared to many global counterparts.

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