Sunday 25 June 2017

'I love to dress up as women but I'm warned away from my wife's knicker drawer' - Paul Williams meets Mario Rosenstock

Paul Williams

Comedian Mario Rosenstock not only adores playing women, he loves to dress up in their clothes.

In a podcast interview on, the veteran actor, musician and impressionist said he loves portraying the opposite sex - and dressing up as them.

Mario Rosenstock with Paul Williams
Mario Rosenstock with Paul Williams

"I have no compunction about saying that I love playing females, I love doing Joan Burton," he said.

"You should try it some time, Paul.

"Nylon, knickers, silk, velvets. I mean, look at all the rough jeans we have to wear, yanking up our Calvin Kleins, putting stretch marks all over us and cutting us in two.

"The women - they pull up these lovely nylon tights. I can't wait ...," he said, joking that his wife Blathnaid is always warning him: "Stay away from my f**king knicker drawer."

He said his unusual job description required a bit of explaining when they first started dating in 1997.

"Well, these things would have to be raised very early," he said of his work-related "cross-dressing".

"In our formative courting phase it would have to be brought up quite quickly. But I realised it's just part of the little artistic bent," he said.

Read the full interview in today's The Herald...


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