Sunday 22 October 2017

'Happy ending at checkpoint' - Baby escorted to hospital after mum stopped by gardaí

Picture: Garda Press Office
Picture: Garda Press Office
Cathal McMahon

Cathal McMahon

Gardaí came to the rescue of a mother who arrived at a checkpoint with her seriously ill baby.

Orlane Powell and her son Joshua were stopped by gardaí in Newbridge, Co Kildare carrying out a routine tax and insurance checkpoint on Mother's Day weekend.

However the uniformed officers quickly realised that there was a far more pressing issue.

Speaking to, Ms Powell said she had initially brought Joshua to a local care doctor before being sent to Portlaoise Hospital.

"I was stopped at the checkpoint and told gardaí how my son was ill and I had to get to hospital. The guard shone his torch in and seen that my son was having fever convulsions.

"He then asked me if I wanted an escort to the hospital. I initially said no but then said yes. When we got to the hospital, they offered to park my car and made sure that I was seen to right away".

Ms Powell said Joshua, who is 15 months old, has since made a full recovery.

"Thankfully he's on the mend now and recovering well," gardaí tweeted. "Happy ending at Garda checkpoint!"

Baby Joshua has now made a full recovery. Picture courtesy of Orlane Powell
Baby Joshua has now made a full recovery. Picture courtesy of Orlane Powell

This latest rescue bid comes after a series of controversies surrounding garda checkpoints were revealed.

In March it emerged that 14,700 people were wrongly convicted of motoring offences after they weren't given the opportunity to pay a Fixed Charge Notice.

Gardaí also confirmed that almost one million phantom breath tests were recorded on the Garda Pulse system. Official figures claimed that 1,995,369 tests were carried out but only 1,061,381 took place.

Last week it emerged that two gardaí were under investigation after false checkpoints were allegedly logged under the garda Pulse system.

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