Monday 25 September 2017

Man abandoned 30 years ago in Gatwick Airport 'may have Irish mum'

Steven Hydes and his family Credit: Facebook
Steven Hydes and his family Credit: Facebook
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A man who was abandoned in an airport 30 years ago has appealed for his birth parents - who may be Irish - to come forward.

Steven Hydes was nicknamed 'Gary Gatwick' after he was left in the ladies' toilets of the UK airport as a newborn.

A member of duty free staff, who found the infant wrapped in a blanket and dressed in two babygros, said he looked clean and well looked after.

Despite a mass nationwide media appeal at the time, the identity of Steven's parents never came to light.

'Gary' celebrated his 30th birthday at the start of the month and launched a Facebook page in an attempt to find his biological mother.

The father-of-two has regularly praised his adoptive parents for his upbringing but longs to find out if he has any other family out there.

His community Facebook page has attracted almost 48,000 likes with many 'friends' leaving messages of support or information that may help him find out what happened before he was abandoned.

One of these clues indicate that Steven's mother may have come from Ireland. 

"I have an amazing mum who has brought me up and I will be spending it with her but it also makes me think who is my birth mum? and where is she?, I don't even know what she looks like. I hope if she has other children out there she has a great Mother's Day," he posted on Mother's Day.

Steven has undergone a number of DNA tests and has pushed his story - and childhood pictures - out in the media to try and jog people's memories.

Steve when he was younger Credit: Facebook
Steve when he was younger Credit: Facebook

Mr Hydes is being helped in his search by the Missing Family organisation and they believe two DNA matches for Steve have been found.

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