Friday 30 January 2015

Lucky escape for little boy almost swept away

Published 03/02/2014 | 23:49

A man takes two young kids to Bullock harbour in south county Dublin during todays storm and high tides despite the recent warnings from the coast guards & emergency services. The young children were knocked over by a wave and were extremely lucky not to have been washed into the harbour.
A father leaps to the rescue at Bulloch Harbour in South County Dublin after a sudden wave knocked over the young child. Photo: Aidan Tarbett
A father and son have a lucky escape after a wave crashes onto the pier at Bullock Harbour in Co Dublin. Picture: Aidan Tarbett/Provision

THE sheer force of nature was evident in these dramatic images taken on the windswept coast.

Photographer Aidan Tarbett captured the moment when this little boy had a lucky escape after a wave, churned up by high tides around 1pm yesterday, swept up the youngster.

The youngster toppled over on the pier at Bulloch Harbour, in Dalkey before a man pulled him up and away from the waves.

Similar scenes of exceptionally high waves have been repeated across the country since the weekend as storm force winds, high tides and exceptional rainfall has left many coastal communities battered and flooded or at risk of flooding. Met Eireann and Irish Water Safety have warned people to stay away from coastal areas and piers. The bad weather is expected to continue today.

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