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Living the High Life: What would you spend €9,000 on a month?

Published 14/11/2013 | 11:11

‘Essential’ items included in Ms Connolly’s spending list includes €165 a month for a golf subscription

The wife of discharged bankrupt developer Larry O’Mahony – former business partner of Priory Hall builder Tom McFeely – has managed to procure a spending allowance of €9,000 a month.

Apparently a woman of high standards and expensive requirements, Christine Connolly has secured court orders to allow the family living expenses of almost €10,000 every four weeks.

But some of the outgoings listed as completely necessary for her family’s survival may not find favour with most Irish households.

Many consumers across Ireland will have sat with their bank manager to discuss financial restructures in order to ensure payment of mortgages, personal loans and monthly grocery shopping for their families.

And a familiar outcome when drawing a monthly budget of expenses will be the removal of ‘non-essential items’, including gym subscriptions, social outings – and even cable connections.

It therefore might be difficult for hard-pressed families to take a look at exactly where the bulk of Ms Connolly’s substantial payout goes.

*Rent of €3,500 for Ms Connolly’s four-bedroom home in Dublin 4

*€1,644 in school fees and extracurricular activities for her three children

*€820 for monthly car expenses such as tax, petrol and insurance

*€165 for hobbies such as an elite golf subscription

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