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Late Late intruder in second RTE arrest

Published 03/12/2006 | 00:11

CORMAC MURPHY and LARISSA NOLAN LATE Late Show intruder Paul Stokes was arrested last night after he drove a car through a security barrier and into reception at the RTE studios in Dublin.

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The incident happened shortly after 11pm when he crashed a Nissan Micra through the security barrier and drove into the reception of the building in Donnybrook.

No one was injured and Mr Stokes was detained by RTE security staff. Gardai were called and Mr Stokes was brought to Donnybrook Garda Station for questioning.

Gardai said the car was driven at the revolving door at the front of the main TV studios. There was some damage to it and to the car. Mr Stokes was arrested for criminal damage.

Mr Stokes disrupted the Late Late last Friday week by barging into the studio and calling host Pat Kenny an "insufferable arsehole" and "a piece of shit." He was arrested that night and released following questioning. A file on the matter has been sent to the DPP.

He said last week that he was not sorry for his protest but did regret that his actions is the embarrassment caused to his daughter, Aoife, who is a researcher on the show.

He claimed he embarked on his Late Late interruption after RTE refused to give him airtime to tell the public about his plan to cut out deaths on the road.

The road safety obsessive told the Sunday Independent that Aoife, along with much of the rest of the Stokes family, has not spoken to him since the event.

Mr Stokes said: "I have no regrets - except for the fact that I know my daughter must have been very embarrassed. That is the only thing about all this that really hurts me.

"She is not talking to me yet, but I'm hoping she will come around and see that I just have an unconventional way of doing things.

"Nobody was hurt or injured, I have never laid a hand on someone in my life. I just wanted to come on the show to make a point about a very important issue." He added that his mother, his ex-wife and another daughter have all stopped speaking to him over it too.

Stokes admitted to having "one or two drinks" before his Late Late Show gatecrash, which he managed by inveigling his way on to the set.

"I told a security man that my tickets were waiting inside. He let me through and I hid behind a screen until the show went live and then I made my appearance."

Mr Stokes said that all he is looking for is a platform for his highly technological method of cutting out road deaths completely.

His futuristic idea is to completely change the way we drive today - introducing cars that drive themselves and fitting every vehicle with a GPS.

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