Saturday 23 September 2017

Property: The subject we love to hate.

We still can’t help thinking about it and talking about it.

Hardly surprising when you consider the massive impact its meteoric rise and catastrophic fall has had on all our lives over the last decade.

From the night of the infamous banking guarantee in 2008 to the pitiful surrender of our economic sovereignty to the Troika two years later, property has come to represent the villain of the piece thanks to the unquestioned role reckless speculation in it played in sundering our economy.

As the financial tide begins to turn however, there are signs that a recovery is taking place in Dublin.  But how long can it last, and more importantly can it ever take hold beyond the capital?

This week in the Sunday Independent, Ireland’s most respected economists and economic commentators examine the current state of Irish property, assess its future prospects while addressing head on the legacy of the housing crash that has devastated the lives of thousands of people who bought their homes just before the bubble burst.

Richard Curran warned it would all end in tears long before the late finance minister Brian Lenihan finally admitted the property industry had come to a “shuddering halt”.  But what does he think now?

Get Curran’s latest analysis and predictions, along with those of respected economists Colm McCarthy, Ronan Lyons and Marc Coleman, major property developer Michael O’Flynn and financial adviser James Fitzsimons

only in this week’s Sunday Independent. 

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