Sunday 22 October 2017

Lose your gut without busting your gut

It’s time to put down the weights and quit being a dumbbell. Find the fast way to a longer life and better health. Inside this week’s Sunday Independent the man who revolutionised weight loss with the 5:2 diet, is fixing fitness. 

Dr Michael Mosley makes losing weight even simpler and introduces the 6:1 diet. He also presents a revolutionary new approach to exercise - how to stay slim with just three minutes high intensity training a week.

Plus, how most of what you think you know about healthy eating is wrong. The good doctor debunks the myths and reveals how sunshine, coffee and wine aren't bad for you but too much water is and tells the truth about eating eggs, drinking smoothies and getting your five-a-day.

Lose your gut with out busting a gut – only in this week’s Sunday Independent.

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