Wednesday 20 September 2017

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Never mind Austerity, in this week’s Sunday Independent Living , we tell you how you can make money this year.

Whether it’s starting a family business, taking in a lodger, pet-minding, hosting make-up parties, organizing walking tours of your locality, posing as a patient , 2013 doesn’t have to be unlucky for you! We also have the experts’ advice on how to pay less tax, and save money on everyday essentials and services.

And in LIFE magazine, we asked our top writers one simple question - are you a grown up yet? They reflect on how and if they have made the shift to adulthood. They explore the increasing awfulness of hangovers, a growing preference for talk radio, the inevitability of turning into one’s parents ,the changes wrought by the arrival of children and the death of parents and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s happiness and finding the joy in it all.

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