Monday 26 June 2017

“I jacked up the price” - Garth Brooks ticket reseller inundated with demand

Richard's set up for the purchase.
Richard's set up for the purchase.
Garth Brooks at Croke Park when his tour dates were announced
An example of the prices tickets are now being resold for on website eBay.
These four tickets are currently the most expensive set listed among the almost thirty listings on eBay.
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Richard Powell, from Newry in Co. Down, is not a Garth Brooks fan. However, he did buy six tickets this morning, which have already been resold to the highest bidders.

It’s Powell’s first time buying tickets purely to sell them on. “I thought I would go online and see. I wasn’t expecting to be successful – I tried to do it for the One Direction concert but couldn’t get tickets.”

Powell sold the tickets through Facebook and freely admits “I jacked up the price.” He claims it wasn’t his doing, however. “They’re like gold-dust. I didn’t have a price in mind - people will come to you with crazy offers. It was first come, first served with the highest bid…. When someone offered me £100, the next person offered £120. I just accepted what people were willing to pay.”

Powell sold the six tickets for a total of €774, having paid €428.

“I spoke to my mum, who was sitting on Ticketmaster. She was trying to buy tickets for my neighbour. My neighbour offered £100 sterling for the first two tickets and then I posted that I had four more to sell on Facebook.”

Many fans are taking to social media this morning to complain about the lack of tickets for “genuine fans”, claiming that those buying tickets just to resell meant “real fans” were unsuccessful.  Powell admits “I guess you’re taking advantage of the system.”

Powell used the power of social media to sell the tickets, live-tweeting his journey and ultimately getting rid of all tickets via Facebook. “My friend contacted me and asked to buy the tickets at face value – I had to decline. They then posted about how disgusted they were that people they had contacted for tickets were jacking up the price.”



Thousands of fans were left disappointed this morning as tickets for the concert sold out in thirty minutes. Fans across the country had queued for up to four days for tickets.

In one case, gardai were called to Gleeson’s Sports Scene in Limerick City for' extra security and crowd control' following 100 fans being disappointed after camping outside the shop since Tuesday afternoon.

“We didn’t realise we were going to go through that many tickets,” the store’s owner Steve Gleeson said.

“Naturally there were a few grieving fans but unfortunately we did the best we could, we could only print six tickets at a time,” he explained.

Almost 30 sets of tickets have already been listed on the reselling website eBay, with the cheapest price for two tickets starting at €187.50.

The most expensive listing offers four tickets for the Friday night with the bidding starting at €700.

This listing also includes the choice to ‘buy it now’ for a set price of €1,100.


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