Sunday 30 April 2017

Free Summer Book Collection with the Sunday Independent

Young woman reading a book at beach
Young woman reading a book at beach

The Sunday Independent has your holiday reading sorted, whether it’ll be on a Mediterranean Cruise or soaking up the summer sunshine in your back garden.  We’re delighted to announce the launch of our four part ‘Beach Reads’ collection exclusive to Dunnes Stores. 

Every Sunday from July 20 until August 10, you’ll receive a free book at Dunnes Stores when you buy the Sunday Independent. Each book has been hand-picked by the Sunday Independent’s Literary Editor Madeleine Keane, for your entertainment and is free with a copy of the Sunday Independent in over 95 Dunnes Stores. 

Make sure to get there early as the books are only available while stocks last.

The books are: ‘Happy Families’ by Janey Fraser,  ‘The adoption’ by Anne Berry,  ‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Eden Bradley and ‘Summer Nights’ by Allie Spencer.

Check out the books below and let us know your favourite summer read?


Week One: Happy Families



Written with warmth and humour, Happy Families perfectly encapsulates the chaos of family life.

Bobbie’s at the end of her tether. Her children don’t listen to a word she says and her workaholic husband is never home.  Even worse, her mother is bringing a new boyfriend to visit: the notorious Dr Know, who dishes out hard-line parental advice to the nation. Could Parenting Classes save Bobbie’s bacon?

Andy’s family is so perfect that his wife has been asked to run a parenting class at the local school. But Pamela has been leading a secret life and suddenly he’s left to look after their two teenage daughters. Surprisingly, they aren’t quite as perfect as he thought.

Vanessa hasn’t seen her daughter for years. But one night, her six-year-old granddaughter is deposited on her doorstep. This time she’s determined to get it right.


Week Two: The Adoption




‘I was fourteen when my Mother said that she needed to speak to me… And then she told me – just like that. I was adopted. And what I felt was not shock or grief but the most enormous sense of relief.’ mGrowing up as the only child of strict, God-fearing parents, Lucilla has always felt her difference. But it is not till adulthood that she discovers the real reasons behind her adopted mother’s oft times violent indifference. As for Harriet, she would have readily sent her longed for baby back if she could, having discovered she falls all too short of her expectations.

And then there is Bethan, a young girl in 1940s Wales, whose only mistake is falling in love with the wrong man…


Week Three: Summer Nights




Flora Fielding has been dumped on her 30th birthday, and left stranded in San Francisco. With nowhere else to turn, she seeks out her cousin Bella who has been working as a nurse in the city for the past few years. But when she arrives at Bella's apartment, Flora is shocked to find that her cousin's in even more trouble than she is—because instead of leading the fast-paced life of an emergency room nurse that Flora has imagined, Bella is eking out a living as the lead singer in an Abba tribute band. But as Flora soon learns, although life in San Francisco with Bella may be uncertain, it's never ever dull. What with the tense Battle of the Tribute Bands, the threat to the local area by an evil developer, and the attentions of a very persistent computer geek, Flora soon begins to wonder whether she wants to go home at all.


Week Four: Forbidden Fruit




One taste is never enough.

For university professor Mia Rose Curry, it was all academic: her course in alternate sexuality was a safe, socially-acceptable way for her to talk about the things she desires most—but has never let herself experience. And while students crammed into her class to learn about fetishes, bondage, voyeurism and much more, Mia kept her own raging desires, and her most private fantasies, carefully under wraps…until one man dares to make her secret passions a brazen reality.

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