Sunday 24 September 2017

1913 - What was life like in Ireland 100 years ago?

What was life in Ireland like 100 years ago?  1913 is remembered as the year of the Lockout, the bitter battle between workers and employers. But how much more do you know about the Ireland of 1913? 

We look at the Ireland of 1913 and at the Lockout, with an exclusive supplement FREE inside Monday’s Irish Independent. This supplement paints a picture of everyday life in Dublin and the rest of the country in 1913.  What was it like for people who lived in the tenements in Dublin? How did the better-off live in the suburbs? This supplement shows that in 1913 Ireland was a very unequal society.

For the poor, living conditions were appalling. But for many people in Ireland at the time, life was good. They were living well and they enjoyed being part of the British Empire. In the tenements, most families had just one room. An outside toilet was shared. Records show that in 1911 one tenement house in Henrietta Street in Dublin was home to 104 people. Hunger and disease was part of everyday life. These conditions eventually led to action by workers and to the Lockout. 

Contributors include Gary Granville, Professor of Education in the National College of Art and Design, and social historian Padraig Yeates, author of Lockout, the standard work on the great 1913 labour dispute. 

The supplement includes many rarely seen photographs showing everyday life at the time and the events of the Lockout. The accompanying Wallchart published with Tuesday’s Irish Independent will encourage all to find where their families were in 1913, with a guide to researching and filling in a Family Tree.

Don’t miss this special supplement and accompanying wall chart, inside Monday’s and Tuesday’s Irish Independent.

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