Thursday 21 September 2017

Irish earn more than other Europeans in Australia

IRISH emigrants who have moved to Australia are making a better living than any other European migrant group, writes Nick Bramhill.

New census data shows a surge in Irish-born nationals who have relocated to Australia in the post-Celtic Tiger years.

Nearly 12pc of migrants from Ireland are making average incomes of €73,783 (AU$104,000).

Overall, the weekly median income of €633 (AU$892) makes the Irish the most well-paid European migrant group.

According to the census figures, 67,317 people born in the Republic are living in Australia, with a further 22,594 from Northern Ireland.

The Irish have above-average education levels among migrant groups, with 25pc having a bachelor's or master's degree.

The biggest age group among Irish migrants is the 25-29 sector, which numbers 9,861. Australia is still the number one choice for many young Irish people looking to escape the recession here.

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