Friday 28 July 2017

Ireland’s top civil servant gets €700k retirement package reporters

IRELAND'S top former civil servant Dermot McCarthy left the public service with a pension and retirement package worth more than €700,000.

Mr McCarthy, who was secretary general to the government for eleven years and also secretary general to three Taoisigh, retired in July.

In addition to his annual pension of €142,670, he also received a lump sum of €428,011 and a special severance package of €142,670 bringing his overall payment to €713,351.

Mr McCarthy was Bertie Ahern’s chief advisor during the Northern peace process negotiations and was in a pivotal government position, even attending Cabinet meetings, during the economic meltdown and the bailout from the EU/IMF.

All civil servants are entitled a lump sum of 1.5 times their final salary on retirement. Only the highest earners pay tax on this amount.

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