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Friday 18 August 2017

'I'm sitting on a time bomb because so little was done'

Grainne Cunningham

FLOOD victim Joe Murray, whose hardware business suffered €200,000 worth of damage, said he is "sitting on a time bomb" because so little has been done since the disaster.

Mr Murray, whose store was among the worst affected in Ballinasloe, Co Galway, said last night it was not a question of 'if' it happened again, but 'when'.

"If you have a problem and nobody does anything about it, it's going to come back," he said.

Mr Murray was forced to relocate his agricultural- supplies business after the River Suck burst its banks, destroying the family store beside the river, which has never been flooded since it opened in 1884.

In the months since the crisis, Mr Murray said nothing of substance had been done to improve the river, except that a broken sluice gate was lifted higher.

Meanwhile, Mr Murray's insurance bill has jumped by 15pc and he is no longer covered for flood damage. Nor has he received a compensation payout from his insurance company yet, apart from some assistance with the clean-up.

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