Thursday 23 February 2017

I was with Katy in the house and I tried to help her

Cathal McMahon

Cathal McMahon

Katy French continues to fight for her life in hospital
Katy French continues to fight for her life in hospital
SOCIALITE: Kieron Ducie says he helped Katy

A Dublin socialite today told how he was with Katy French when she collapsed at a house party.

Kieron Ducie says he tried to assist Katy when she fell seriously ill at the house in Co Meath.

Today he said he was one of the friends who battled to save her life: “I was one of the people who helped her. But I don't want to say any more.”

Gardai may speak to Mr Ducie to try and unravel how the 24-year-old model became so gravely ill. There has been no improvement in Katy’s condition overnight and she is still critical in hospital.

Doctors briefly took her off life support but she had to be reconnected immediately as she was unable to breathe voluntarily.

Kieron Ducie and his girlfriend socialised with the young model into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Katy clings to life in Our Lady's Hospital Navan and last night a devastated relative revealed that she has only a short time left to live.

“We fear she is in her final hours…it's heartbreaking.”

Gardaí travelled to Mr Ducie's home in Lambertstown Manor, Kilmessan, Co Meath yesterday where they informally spoke with him.

“Gardaí advised him [Mr Ducie] that they might need a warrant to search his house but he told them there was no need and invited them in,” a source revealed.

“The gardaí are questioning a lot of her friends. They want to know her movements on the night and they are also trying to find out her state of mind that day, about her relationships - that sort of thing.”

A new black Range Rover with UK registration plates, matching the exact description of Katy's car - was spotted outside Mr Ducie's home over the weekend.

It remained outside the semi-detached home after she was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Navan hospital.

A friend of the model came to collect the car after it became apparent that she would remain in hospital.

A neighbour said: “The jeep was there for a few days and then someone picked it up.

Neighbours living at Lambertstown Manor said today they saw no evidence of any party at the house on Saturday night.

One resident said: “There was one or two extra cars around the place but that is the same every weekend.

“And neither did anyone see an ambulance. I think I would have seen an ambulance because I live so close.

“I didn’t hear anything about Katy French visiting our estate until reporters started arriving yesterday evening.”

Sources says that doctors and nurses at the hospital are getting increasingly worried as they desperately try to get Katy to breathe on her own.

Devastated family including father John, mother Janet and sister Jill, maintained their bedside vigil today.

No official comment has been made about what sparked her sudden collapse but her illness came just a week after she admitted taking cocaine when she started out modelling at the age of 19.

A family friend said: “We are all devastated by what has happened and we are praying Katy will pull through.

“She is a fighter and we are hoping to God she gets the strength to come through this. We are all there for her.”

One of Ireland's most high profile models, she has appeared on a string of RTE shows, including Celebrities Go Wild, Ryan Tubridy's chat show and Podge and Rodge.

Just last Thursday, Katy threw an exclusive party in Krystle nightclub in Dublin to celebrate her 24th birthday

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