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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Huge fine can be racked up in six months

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

IT is surprisingly easy for regular users of Dublin's M50 to rack up €50,000 in fines and penalties, if they refuse to pay the toll.

Cash customers must pay the €3 toll by 8pm the day after the journey. If they don't, an additional charge of €3 applies, meaning that trip has now cost €6.

They then have 14 days to pay these charges. If that deadline is not met, an extra late penalty of €39.50 is charged to the account. That brings the bill to €45.50.

And then, if a driver sits on the penalties and does nothing for another 56 days, a further €98 is added. That brings the bill to €143.50.

If that's unpaid, legal proceedings are taken.

The €50,000 in fines and penalties is made up of just 348 trips.

A driver using the road twice a day, every day, would incur this massive bill in less than six months.

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