Monday 21 April 2014

House wrecked as 'Facebook party' descends into chaos

The scene after the party on the Ridgewood estate in Swords, Co Dublin, where up to 200 people caused chaos, smashing windows and hauling household items such as mattresses into the garden

GARDAI are investigating after revellers at a teenage house party ran amok, causing thousands of euro worth of damage.

Up to 200 young people descended on the house in Swords, north Co Dublin, after details of the party were spread on Facebook.

It is understood that the party on the Ridgewood estate was thrown by a 16-year-old boy. His parents were away at the time.

Windows were broken, holes were punched in walls, a mattress was dragged into the back garden and furniture was destroyed.

Neighbours described a scene of "mayhem" as gangs of teenagers, some carrying cases of beer, began arriving at the semi-detached house from early on Friday evening.

"There just seemed to be loads and loads of them, and the next thing the music was thumping and there were loads of different voices," said one local woman.

"I could see them in the back garden, jumping up and down on a mattress and making a huge mess.

"I picked up the phone to ring the gardai but they were here before I even finished talking to them," she added.

A garda spokeswoman said officers arrived at the scene at 8pm and shut the party down. Shortly afterwards the partygoers dispersed.

However, in their wake they left thousands of euro worth of damage to the house. Reports that one teenager at the party had been stabbed were unfounded.

" Gardai are investigating it from a criminal damage point of view. There were no assaults," said the spokeswoman. No arrests have been made so far.

Meanwhile, the boy who threw the party which later went out of control has been described online as a "hero for creating such a party it has the whole of Dublin talking about it".

He is understood to have originally circulated details of the party to his friends online. However the news quickly went viral and as many as 200 young people arrived at the house.

The bash has been dubbed 'Project X Sword', in reference to the 2012 film which tells the tale of three high-school students who throw a party which quickly spirals out of control.

Irish Independent

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