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Saturday 25 March 2017

Homeless Adam Skinner accepts invitation to his first debs

Sarah-Jane Curtis (18) is bringing homeless man Adam Skinner (21) to her Debs.
Sarah-Jane Curtis (18) is bringing homeless man Adam Skinner (21) to her Debs.
Sarah-Jane Curtis (18) is bringing homeless man Adam Skinner (21) to her Debs.

Robin Schiller

A YOUNG homeless man has been given the chance to go to his first debs after being invited by a volunteer.

Adam Skinner, who is sleeping rough on the streets, was invited by March for the Homeless volunteer Sarah Jane Curtis (19), and he happily accepted the invite.

A huge online push saw hundreds of kind-hearted people offer to donate or buy shoes, cuff-links and a tuxedo for Adam.


Adam (21) was also offered a hair-cut, but he has said that he is happy "with just a trim".

The young man never had the opportunity to attend his own debutante ball.

"It's been a tough week, with two of my friends passing away, so I've a lot on my mind - but it'll be good to go to it and I'm happy I got invited," Adam told the Herald.

"I don't pay any attention to Facebook and that, but I've heard the reaction was great - and it's nice to hear that so many people are willing to help."


He also said he was hoping to find permanent accommodation in the near future, with a generous family now putting him up three days a week.

Sarah Jane said Adam did not deserve to be homeless. She described him, "as one one of the nicest, friendliest, kindest caring and decent guys out there".

March for the Homeless organiser Darren Bradley said he was delighted at the sheer volume of people who offered to help Adam prepare for the big day, describing it as "amazing".

"We've received an incredible response from people online offering to donate or pay for different bits for Adam - it's been pretty amazing.

"I put the Facebook post up on Tuesday night and, by Wednesday morning, I had dozens of messages from people offering to help," Darren added. "Unfortunately, Adam was never able to go to his own debs, so it's great that one of the volunteers has asked him. "They get on great and, hopefully, they'll have a good night."


Adam is due to be fitted with a suit for the occasion today, with a limousine the only other item that still needs to be organised for the debs. The March for the Homeless group was set up by Bradley in December of last year, with the aim of spreading awareness of Ireland's homeless and housing crisis.

The non-profit charity collects donations of food, clothing and blankets, and hands them out to Dublin's homeless three times a week.

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