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Friday 28 July 2017

Group wants cash to fight 'Godless' treaty

Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor

AN anti-abortion group is seeking €120,000 from its supporters to defeat the "Godless" Lisbon Treaty.

Coir plans to circulate one million leaflets and put up 12,000 posters in the run-up to the Lisbon referendum.

The right-wing Catholic organisation was responsible for the 'three monkeys' posters in the first Lisbon vote, which proved highly effective.

In a fundraising letter to Coir supporters, obtained by the Irish Independent, Fr John Brady compares his organisation to the "missionaries of old".

"We need to lead this battle against a treaty which would bring about a new empire, where the unborn child has no rights, and God himself is forgotten," he writes.

Fr Brady, the spiritual adviser to Coir, says not a word of the treaty has been changed and the assurances obtained by the Government are not legally binding.

Coir spokesman Richard Greene says their posters will start going up next week. He said the group has a few thousand activists to assist with its campaign and the 'Yes' campaign is getting too much media exposure. "We believe the whole over-coverage of the 'Yes' campaign has been counterproductive," he said.


But European Affairs Minister Dick Roche accused Coir of being a "sinister organisation".

"It is a secretive organisation, very closely associated with Youth Defence. It takes a very extreme view on issues -- not just on the Lisbon Treaty," he said.

And the Referendum Commission, the independent information body, says the Lisbon Treaty proposes "no changes in relation to abortion or family rights".

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