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Grieving father says gritty drama shows real crime

Barry Duggan

Published 20/11/2012 | 05:00

A FATHER whose daughter was murdered by two men seconds after they shot and killed another man, claims RTE's 'Love/Hate' is an identical portrayal of real life crime.

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Breda Waters – a mother of three children – was shot dead by two killers last year as she lay in bed in a house in Limerick, amid fears that she would be able to identify them as the culprits who killed another man downstairs.

A baby – not related to Ms Waters – was left unharmed in another bedroom in the Southill house during the double killing.

In the latest episode of 'Love/Hate', a double murder occurs where an innocent mother is shot dead seconds after the same gunman shoots her partner dead while a baby is in the same house. The scene is very similar to the double slaying in Limerick.

The gritty second instalment, which had an average of 670,800 viewers, resulted in five complaints to RTE yesterday due to its aggressive content.

But John Waters – father of Breda Waters (28) – said such a scene is "a good thing as it shows how real life is".

Mr Waters, who has 17 children, said he believes the producers of 'Love/Hate' drew their inspiration for the scene from the murders of his daughter and Des Kelly (24) at a house in O'Malley Park in Southill, Limerick in January 2011.

"In the TV show, he (Darren) came to the door and shot your man and then the girl saw what happened and he shot her dead too while a child was upstairs," he said.

"That is an identical thing that happened to Breda and me," he said. "When people saw that, they see what it really is like.

"It is a good thing to show it as it is letting other people know what it is like and what really happens when this comes to your door," Mr Waters said.


"Generally, people don't know anything about these types of crimes, what it is like or what we went through."

He said he watched Sunday night's episode of 'Love/Hate' at home but would not let his children watch it.

"I watched it just myself – there are five younger ones here and I put them all into bed before it came on," Mr Waters said.

Last month, cousins Patrick O'Brien (33) and Thomas Stewart (29) were both sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of Breda Waters and Des Kelly.

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