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Fianna Fail political dynasties

Published 27/12/2009 | 05:00


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Bertie Ahern TD (top) First elected 1977

Brother Noel Ahern TD (above) 1992 to date

Michael Ahern TD First elected 1982

Father Liam Ahern TD and Senator 1957-1974

Liam's uncle John Dinneen TD (Farmers' Party) 1922-1927


Barry Andrews TD First elected 2002

Father David Andrews TD 1965-2002

Uncle Niall Andrews TD and MEP 1977-2004

Cousin Chris Andrews TD 2007 to date

Grandfather Todd Andrews (a Fianna Fail founder)


Liam Aylward TD and MEP (above) First elected 1977

Brother Bobby Aylward TD 2007 to date

Father Bob Aylward TD 1973-1974


Niall Blaney TD First elected 2002

Father Harry Blaney TD 1997-2002

Uncle Neil Blaney TD and MEP 1948-1995

Grandfather Neal Blaney TD and Senator 1927-1944


Aine Brady TD Elected 2007

Husband Gerry Brady TD 1982-1982

Brother Tom Kitt TD 1987 to date

Brother Michael Kitt TD and Senator 1973 to date

Father Michael F Kitt TD 1948-1975


John Browne TD First elected 1982

Uncle Sean Browne TD 1957-1982


Dara Calleary TD (above) First elected 2007

Father Sean Calleary TD 1973-1992

Grandfather Phelim Calleary TD 1952-1969


Niall Collins TD First elected 2007

Father Michael Collins TD 1997-2007

Uncle Gerry Collins TD and MEP 1967-2004

Grandfather James Collins TD 1948-1967


Mary Coughlan TD (above) First elected 1987

Father Cathal Coughlan TD 1983-1986

Uncle Clement Coughlan TD 1980-1983


Brian Cowen TD First elected 1984

Father Bernard Cowen TD 1969-1984


Brian Crowley Senator and MEP First elected 1992

Father Flor Crowley TD and Senator 1965-1982


Eamon O Cuiv TD and Senator First elected 1989

Sister Sile de Valera TD and MEP 1977-2007

Father Vivion de Valera TD 1944-1981

Grandfather Eamon de Valera TD and President 1919-1973


Jimmy Devins TD First elected 2002

Grandfather James Devins TD (Sinn Fein) 1921-1922


Beverley Flynn TD (top) (FF and Ind) First elected 1997

Father Padraig Flynn TD (above) 1977-1993


Mary Hanafin TD First elected 1997

Brother John G Hanafin Senator 2002 to date

Father Des Hanafin Senator 1965-2002


Cecilia Keaveney TD and Senator (above) First elected 1996

Father Paddy Keaveney TD 1976-1977


Brendan Kenneally TD and Senator First elected 1989

Father Billy Kenneally TD and Senator 1965-1983

Grandfather William Kenneally TD 1952-1961


Tom Kitt TD (above) First elected 1987

Father Michael F Kitt TD 1948-1975

Brother Michael Kitt TD and Senator 1973 to date

Sister Aine Brady TD Elected 2007


Sean Haughey TD and Senator (below) First elected 1989

Father Charles Haughey TD (above) 1957-1992

Sean Lemass TD (Charles Haughey's father in law) 1924-1969

Noel Lemass TD (son of Sean Lemass) 1956-1976

Eileen Lemass TD and MEP (Noel's wife) 1997-1989


Brian Lenihan TD First elected 1996

Brother Conor Lenihan TD 1997 to date

Aunt Mary O'Rourke TD and Senator 1981 to date

Father Brian Lenihan TD Senator and MEP 1957-1997

Grandfather Patrick Lenihan 1965-1970


Tom McEllistrim TD First elected 2002

Father Tom McEllistrim TD and Senator 1969-1992

Grandfather Tom McEllistrim TD 1923-1969


Marc MacSharry Senator First elected 2002

Father Ray MacSharry TD and MEP 1969-1989


John O'Donoghue TD (above) First elected 1987

Father in Law Michael Murphy TD (Lab) 1951-1981


M J Nolan TD Elected 1982

Father Tom Nolan TD and MEP 1965-1982


Fiona O'Malley TD and Senator (above top) (PD) First elected 2002

Father Desmond O'Malley TD (above) (FF and PDs) 1968-2002

Desmond's uncle Donogh O'Malley TD 1954-1968

Desmond's cousin Patrick O'Malley TD (PD) 1987-1989

Desmond's cousin Tim O'Malley TD (PD) 2002-2007


Ned O'Sullivan Senator First elected 2007

Cousin Kit Ahern Senator and TD 1965-1981


Sean Power TD Elected 1989

Father Paddy Power TD and MEP 1969-1989


Diarmuid Wilson Senator First elected 2002

Uncle John Wilson TD 1973-1992

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