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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Exclusive: Watch shocking scenes as violent group attempt to kick in shop door after 'theft of Kit Kats'

Disturbing scenes on Ireland's main street last night as shop staff threatened

Sam Griffin

THESE are the shocking images captured by an eye witness showing a group of young males attempting to batter down a shop door on one of Dublin city’s main thoroughfares.

The incident occurred around 9pm last night on O’Connell Street after security staff in the Spar retail outlet near the GPO apprehended a man suspected of attempting to steal a number of chocolate bars, according to eye witnesses.

The eyewitnesses told that the security men confronted the man who then became enraged and attempted to flee the store.

The shop staff then attempted to shut the doors trapping the man inside. The images show the man resist efforts by the store staff to prevent him from exiting the premises, while they wait for gardai to arrive on the scene.

A female acquaintance of the man who allegedly attempted to steal the chocolate bars can be seen arguing with the staff before repeatedly attempting to kick and punch the door in.


This picture shows a woman attempting to prise open the shop door in order to allow a man suspected of robbery leave the premises. Security staff are trying to keep the door closed. The incident occurred on O'Connell Street on Monday night. Pic:

At one point, the woman can be heard shouting at the shop staff: “You’re dead.”

Another man can be heard saying: “Come out, you Paki b****rd.”

The woman is later joined by a group of young men, who eye-witnesses said just happened to be passing the area at the time of the confrontation.

The men charge together and repeatedly kick the shop door in an effort to force it open.


A man attempts to kick a door open following a suspected attempted robbery inside a shop. The suspect is inside the premises and led to a violent altercation outside. This was the scene on O'Connell Street on Monday night. Pic:


Eventually the door of the store is prised open and the man makes his escape, as do the young men who had attacked the door.

“It was absolutely crazy, totally crazy,” one eye witness told last night.

“Your man went into the shop and I saw him grab four or five Kit kats and stuff them into his pocket. Then when he tried to get out the security guys grabbed him and tried to keep him in until the gardai came.”

The eye witness added: “It was lucky nobody got hurt.”


A woman attempts to gain entry into the shop following a suspected attempted robbery. The suspect was inside the shop which sparked a violent confrontation outside the business on O'Connell Street on Monday night. Pic:


The young men who joined in the attempt to break down the door did not appear to know the man locked inside and also subjected the shop staff to verbal abuse, another eye witness pointed out.

“They were just passing by. They were shouting all kinds of abuse at the guys in the shop. It was horrific.”

The confrontation lasted over 20 minutes and on a number of occasions onlookers attempted to intervene in an effort to end the chaos.

The man who had been locked in the store quickly fled the scene after escaping from the shop, as did the young men who tried to kick in the door.

Gardai confirmed they are investigating an incident on O’Connell St last night following the theft of a shop.


A violent confrontation on Monday night saw a gang attempt to kick open the door of the business following a suspected attempted burglary

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