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Ten tips to help you sleep on the night before exams

Geraldine Gittens

Published 02/06/2016 | 11:58

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Getting to sleep the night before an exam can be difficult, especially before a subject that's been stressing you out.

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Deirdre O Connor, a holistic sleep therapist in Dublin, gives us some tips that can help you sleep at such a high-stress time. 

  • Turn off your phone by 8pm so that your body knows it is time to begin the wind-down. 


  • Consciously put your books and study materials aside. Make a little ritual of it as you close your books, signifying to your brain that you are now finished with taking in information and that you are giving your brain a rest.


  • Make your bedroom a stress-free zone by decluttering. Clear it of all screens, mobile phones, ipads etc. Clear the books and papers away, and create a Zen-like haven for you to rest.
  • Go to a slow-flow Yoga class, or even better follow a restorative Yoga class online.


  • Do something calming that you really enjoy. Take a walk in a forest nearby, or by the sea – the ‘negative ions’ in nature will refresh your brain cells and soothe anxiety


  • Curl up with your dog/pet and watch a ‘feel-good’ movie together.  


  • Do something really practical, like washing the dishes or washing the car. Doing really practical actions like this don’t require any brain power, and it begins to shift you from a state of anxiety to a state of being present.


  • Ask your best friend/sister/ brother/ aunt/ uncle to come over. Do something that feels fun like giving each other a nail-polish session or play a board game.


  • Give your body a break from all the adrenaline - ditch the coffee for a camomile tea, and the coke for a smoothie.


  • After your yoga, go to bed, plumb up your pillows, put some lavender essential oil on your pillow , and tuck yourself in with a good book!

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