Tuesday 22 August 2017

CAO points for honours students who 'fail'

Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan
Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan
Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

A new CAO points system is set to be introduced for students sitting the Leaving Certificate in 2017.

One key change aims to reward students who take higher level 'honours' papers by giving them points for a mark of between 30-39pc - at present those with such a mark 'fail' the subject and get no points.

Proposed reforms also include new scales for converting grades into points, to allow for greater differentiation in scoring between CAO applicants.

Presidents of the universities and institutes of technology recently agreed a set of proposals to put to their academic councils for approval.

For the changes to happen, as planned, in 2017, fifth year students must know in September.

Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan will brief the Cabinet tomorrow and outline details to the education partners on Wednesday.

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