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Tuesday 28 March 2017

Cut Ahern, Cowen pensions, says FF

FIANNA Fail is admitting the pensions given to former Taoisigh Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern are too high and should be reduced, writes Fiach Kelly.

The party wants to take around €11,000 from Mr Cowen, inset, and Mr Ahern – who get pensions of around €150,000 a year – and give it back to the taxpayer.

It is part of wider deductions to public sector and ministerial pensions contained in Fianna Fail's Budget proposals, and finance spokesman Michael McGrath said he wanted to cut the pensions further.

The changes would only affect someone with a pension above €75,000.

But McGrath said he wanted proposals that would stand up to legal challenge, and he admitted the pensions were far too high.

"We absolutely accept the pensions are too high and they need to come down,"he said. "The pensions are excessive, there's no question. This is an effort to address that."

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