Sunday 22 October 2017

'The perfect murder would involve killing someone and getting rid of their body in a barrel of acid'

Karen Buckley's killer told colleague of 'perfect murder' months before her death

Alexandar Pacteau and (inset) Karen Buckley
Alexandar Pacteau and (inset) Karen Buckley Newsdesk Newsdesk

A former colleague of Karen Buckley's killer has revealed that Alexander Pacteau described to him what a "perfect murder" would be, five months before her death.

George Taylor (30) worked for four years with the "gentle giant" at Designer Rooms Furniture in Clydebank, located just outside Glasgow, the Herald Scotland reports.

He was questioned by police after Pacteau was linked to the disappearance of the Irish nursing student in April of this year.

"The perfect murder would be to kill someone and then get rid of their body in a barrel of acid," Taylor claims Pacteau told him.

"We just thought, 'That's Alex going again, talking a load of s***'. We thought it was from Breaking Bad. We just changed the subject."

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John Buckley gives a statement following today's court proceedings, while Marian holds a photo of their daughter Karen.
John Buckley gives a statement following today's court proceedings, while Marian holds a photo of their daughter Karen.
A photo of Karen with her brothers (left to right: Brendan, Karen, Damien, Kieran Buckley)
A photo of Karen’s bedroom at home and the letters sent by well-wishers after Karen’s death.
Karen Buckley
Karen Buckley
A photo of Karen at a lectern giving a reading at her brother Brendan’s wedding
Alexander Pacteau outside Sanctuary nightclub in Glasgow. Photo: CCTV
Alexander Pacteau

On Saturday April 11, 24-year-old Karen and her friends arrived at Sanctuary nightclub in Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, at around 11.45pm.

At around 1am she left the club intending to walk home alone but Pacteau offered her a lift.

It has emerged that he attacked and killed Karen in his car - and attempted to dispose of her body in a barrell using caustic soda.

Taylor said that he looked on the 21-year-old murderer like a little brother, even organising a surprise 18th birthday party for him several years ago, according to the Herald Scotland.

"He has been in my house, he used to give me lifts home. He gave my mother a lift home," Taylor said.

"I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach when I found out. he had every one of us fooled."

Although Taylor described Pacteau as "quite controlling", liable to "go into little tantrums" as "he didn't like being told what to do", he said the convicted killer "was nothing but polite and courteous with customers".

"If you had asked me to pick five people who were capable of murder from my mobile phone, I would never have pinned that on Alex," he said.

Pacteau also was "quite candid" about visting prostitutes, according to Taylor. "He said he enjoyed it and was in control."

Yesterday, Pacteau pleaded guilty to the murder of Karen at Glasgow High Court in Scotland.

His mother Noreen Dow has spoken out, saying she is heartbroken for the Buckley family and that her family are "devastated" by what happened.

"Obviously the family are all still devastated by what happened," she said after yesterday's hearing.

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Before her son has been arrested for Karen's murder, Noreen had publicly defended her son.

"As you can tell by the police reports, he is not a suspect. She left his property at four o'clock this morning and she was seen by other witnesses, not Alexander," she said at the time.

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