Tuesday 26 September 2017

Boy (17) is jailed for 18 months after going on crime spree while on temporary release

Tom Tuite

A DUBLIN teenager, who went on a crime spree after he was granted temporary release, has been detained for 18 months and banned from driving for 10 years for a litany of motor thefts.

The 17-year-old boy's father told the Dublin Children's Court that he wants nothing more to do with his son, adding that the teen “doesn't give a rat’s” and has been bringing “gangsters” home.

The boy has already been banned from driving for six years and had 32 criminal convictions when he got an eight-month suspended sentence in March for crashing a stolen car at the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in Dublin following a high-speed pursuit.

He was serving a seven-month term at that stage but was granted temporary release from St Patrick's Institute about two months later.

The 17-year-old boy remained silent during the hearing in which the eight-month suspended sentence was activated. He also received consecutive sentences totalling 12 months mostly for offences committed after he got temporary release.

The teenager entered guilty pleas to 34 new charges and the court heard he had taken part in a litany of motor thefts as well criminal damage and trespassing offences which occurred in south and west Dublin.

The court heard how he was repeatedly caught with screwdrivers for use in motor thefts, travelled in stolen vehicle and also led gardai on pursuits while driving stolen cars.

Judge Ann Ryan also heard that during one incident the boy repeatedly drove over greens in residential areas to escape for gardai.

Defence solicitor Gareth Noble said the boy, who now has 66 criminal convictions, had a “troubled history” and social services had been involved with him in the past and had provided him with accommodation in residential units or foster homes.

He said that previously when the boy was held in St Patrick's Institution he was the victim of a serious attack after which he was granted temporary release. Alcohol and drug abuse were major problems for the teenager and he continued to break the law, the court heard.

The teen's father came to the hearing but did not speak to his son, however, he addressed the court angrily.

He claimed his son has been “bringing gangsters to the house” and now “they have threatened to smash my home up”. Gardai had been coming to his home three or four times a week in relation to the teenager and he said “I am not taking him back, he doesn't give a rat's ass”.

He accused his son of stealing from him and he added: “I am sick of him at this stage”.

The boy sat a few feet away with his head bowed but did not respond to his father's tirade.

After Judge Ryan passed sentence the father stormed out of court saying “I am going home”' as his son was led from the courtroom to await transfer back to St Patrick's Institution.

The teen's latest charges:

Criminal damage to a car door in Crumlin on Thursday (NOV 22) last week.

Two counts of trespassing with intent to commit offences at separate addresses at Cherryfields Road, in Walkinstown last Wednesday (NOV 21).

May 31 violent behaviour at Lucan Garda station and for being intoxicated in public and possessing a wooden pole as a weapon, earlier that day.

June 3, trespassing at a house in Lucan, June 4, in Lucan breach of the peace, three days later he travelled as a passenger in a stolen vehicle.

July 20 motor theft, criminal damage to the same vehicle and another one and possessing a screw driver for use in a motor theft

On July 13, motor theft, in Ballyfermot; he also faces charges for driving without insurance and a licence and related documentary offences. Five days later he was caught travelling in a stolen vehicle at the Chapelizod bypass.

On July 29 motor theft in Clondalkin

September 13 in Clondalkin trespassing at a property with intent to put fear in another while in possession of a screwdriver for use in a motor theft. He is also accused of unlawfully interfering with a car on the same date.

Two doors away, on the same date he again trespassed at another house in circumstances that would put a person in fear.

On October 7 he was found at Station Road in Clondalkin with another screwdriver again for use in a car theft.

Six days later he caused criminal damage to an exterior barrier at the Hermitage Medical Clinic's car park while trespassing there.

Three days on from that incident days later the teenager stole a screwdriver from a hardware shop.

He also skipped court on three occasions resulting in bench warrants being issued for his arrest.

On January 22, at Cromwellsfort Road, Dublin 12, he failed to give a Garda his name when cautioned.

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