Saturday 22 July 2017

Conflict between HIQA and Lipsetts

A clear conflict arose between allegations by the Health Information and Quality Authority in its court affidavit and the Lipsett family on care in Rostrevor House nursing home.

•HIQA -- Male care assistant was physically abusive to some residents.

•Lipsetts -- He was wonderful, there were no complaints against him.

•HIQA -- Male care assistant banged elderly man's head against door jamb and kicked him on the ground.

•Lipsetts -- No complaint was made. Male resident suffered dementia, was violent and had to be restrained.

•HIQA -- Male care assistant took female resident to bathroom as staff heard her scream.

•Lipsetts -- Woman (still a resident) screams sporadically. Toilet is near nurses' station and abuse would be heard.

•HIQA--Alarming lack of risk management and high levels of falls in sample of residents.

•Lipsetts --Falls involved elderly frail people but are not higher than in other nursing homes. Work on improving physical environment ongoing.

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