Saturday 23 September 2017

Concern urging people to kick their bad habits for 24 hours this Thursday

Giving up coffee, Facebook and even your smart phone are some of the suggestions.

Member of Concern collecting donations
Member of Concern collecting donations
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

Concern is calling on people to give up a bad habit for 24 hours this Thursday to raise vital funds for children dying from hunger.

In previous years, the Concern Fast focused on giving up food, but now they are urging people to ditch social media, coffee and TV, amongst other things.

They are also asking people to try avoid vocalised pauses when they talk, such as “um”, “ah” and “like”.

All funds raised will help children suffering in countries like Ethiopia, Syria and South Sudan.

They will be provided with high-energy therapeutic food for malnourished children and will also give families the long-term support needed to feed their children in years to come.

Director of Public Affairs, Richard Dixon is giving up his iPad for the day, but it is all for a good cause he says.

Achol Bol Piol (18 mths)
Achol Bol Piol (18 mths)

“I have seen first-hand the incredible positive impact that our work has had on children and their families and we would not be able to do this without the generous donations received during campaigns like Fast.

“It is unacceptable that about three million children die every year from under-nutrition, which is an average of around 8,220 children a day or a child dying every 10.5 seconds.”

The aid agency helped 22.6 million people in 28 countries in 2015 and responded to 42 emergencies thanks to funds received.

You can sign up for Concern Fast and find more information at or by calling 1850 50 50 55 – and participants can also engage with Concern on Twitter @Concern, Facebook, Snapchat and on Instagram.

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