Wednesday 24 May 2017

Children get €7,500 each after being stuck in lift

Allison Bray and Ray Managh

A LITTLE boy and his young cousin, who were trapped in a supermarket lift for half an hour, have each been awarded €7,500 in a settlement with a leading retail chain.

Gwendolyn Wilson, her son Dawson Wilson (6) and his cousin Luke Wilson (12) became trapped between floors in a lift at the Lidl supermarket on Cork Street in Dublin on June 25, 2011.

Ms Wilson, of Clarence Mangan Road, Dublin, and her brother Wesley, father of Luke, sued the retail chain on behalf of their children, whom they say suffered psychological distress and anxiety.

They both appeared at the Circuit Civil Court yesterday where Judge Matthew Deery approved settlement offers of €7,500 for each child.

Barrister David Richardson representing the Wilsons, said both children had attended their GP, Dr Barbara Smyth, Crumlin Road, Dublin. They suffered sleeplessness and anxiety following the incident, he said.

Speaking to the Irish Independent at her home, Ms Wilson said her son still suffers from anxiety following the experience and won't get into a lift or any other confined space.

She said the two boys became frantic and her son had an asthma attack when the lift stalled.

She was forced to prise the door open with her hands and jump about three feet down the shaft.

A security guard and members of the Dublin Fire Brigade arrived, but by that time, they were out of the lift.

Officials from Lidl declined to comment on the matter.

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