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Sunday 23 April 2017

Cannabis-infused poteen is seized in Mallow raid

Tom Prendeville

Gardai have uncovered a 'cottage' industry in Mallow, Co Cork, which was manufacturing cannabis-infused poteen.

The enterprising entrepreneur was also growing cannabis plants and manufacturing a range of cannabis-flavoured biscuits and butter. The biscuits, known as Marrakesh Biscuits, are apparently very popular.

The rural cottage in the townland of Glantane near Mallow was the scene of the raid last week when local gardai called around unexpectedly and made the discovery of a still and 22 cannabis plants in an upstairs loft.

Locals in Mallow, which wags have now dubbed 'Mellow', were bemused by all the fuss. "You have to hand it to the distiller. He was out trying to create a bit of industry in these lean times. The stuff was being sold locally as Creme de Grass -- I didn't drink any of it, but I heard it had quite a strange effect on the auld head if you took a drop," said one local.

Detective Sergeant Paul Reidy led the raid, which also uncovered regular dry leaf marijuana of the smoking variety. All the items seized have been sent to Garda Headquarters for analysis, explained Sgt Reidy.

The search was carried out at a house in Glantane at 7.30am on January 23. Twenty-two cannabis plants and drugs cultivation paraphernalia were found, as well as other items such as cannabis alcohol and biscuits. It was a heady mix -- A cannabis plant is worth about €400.

A local man in his mid-40s was arrested at the scene and detained in Mallow garda station. He was subsequently released and a file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution's office, a garda spokesperson said.

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