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Monday 1 September 2014

Aran Islands residents cut off after roads destroyed

Aishling Phelan

Published 03/02/2014 | 13:26

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Damage on Inishmore the Aran Islands Photo: Tommy Dirrane
Damage on Inishmore the Aran Islands Photo: Tommy Dirrane

HOMEOWNERS in the Aran Islands have been cut off from local resources after roads were destroyed during flooding.

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A main road in Inishmore was completely demolished after high tides crashed against the coastline, leaving locals cut off from diesel pumps and a recycling centre.


‘‘It’s likely that we won’t be able to get oil to heat homes. That’s what happened the last time,’’ said Cathy Gill of the island’s local cooperative.


‘‘The initial damage was done during the last floods and now it’s just been made worst and there’s nothing to stop it.


‘‘We have been devastated this time round,’’ she added.


Roads have been left in rubble and debris, with a water main also being destroyed.


‘‘The road is just totally gone, we’ve never seen anything like it.


‘‘Many of the inland roads are gone meaning people can’t get out of their homes,’’ she explained.


She commended Minister of State Brian Hayes for visiting the areas devastated by the floods in Limerick but said it was important that the Aran Islands was not ignored.


‘‘We have to be given support, even if one side of the road is fixed people can use it,’’ she said.


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