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Thursday 18 September 2014

Almost 300 drivers caught using mobile phone while driving so far today

Published 24/04/2014 | 14:28

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This is a driver who was caught driving while holding his mobile phone today. He received a €60 fine and two points. Photo: An Garda Siochana/Twitter
A garda checkpoint.

AS PART of a major garda operation against mobile phone use while driving, almost 300 drivers have been detected driving while holding a mobile phone so far today.

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The major traffic operation began this morning.

The aim of the operation is to make drivers aware of the dangers of using a mobile phone and to detect offending motorists.

In 2013, there were over 28,000 people detected holding a mobile phone whilst driving, the second highest offence detected nationally.

Assistant Commissioner John Twomey, Garda National Traffic Bureau said: "We all know how distracting mobile phones can be in any situation, except in the car it can have fatal consequences.

"Driving requires 100% concentration - it’s as simple as that. In the first three months of the year nearly 10,000 drivers have been detected holding a mobile phone whilst driving.

"This is not acceptable or conducive to road safety. The choice is yours. To avoid penalty points, a fine or worse, be involved in a road traffic collision, always put the phone away when driving.

Gardaí are focusing on the enforcement of relevant legislation.

Making a call or holding phone will result in two penalty points and a €60 fine payable with 28 days.

Guards have said the offence is committed by a driver when "holding a mobile phone while driving”.

This can be in the hand or supporting or cradling it with another part of the body.

They have warned that it is not a requisite that a person is actually engaged in a conversation.

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