Thursday 19 October 2017

'Sing a new song for Ireland'

The Prayer of Remembrance by Fr Seamus Madigan, Head Chaplain, Defence Forces

Fr Seamus Madigan, Head Chaplain, Defence Forces
Fr Seamus Madigan, Head Chaplain, Defence Forces

God, most merciful and kind, on this Easter day of new beginnings we remember the men, the women and the children of 1916 whose short lives and big dreams extended the horizons of our hopes. In Your mercy the faithful departed find rest. Look kindly, we pray, on all who lost their lives during 1916 and throughout the troubled journey of our island's history.

Solas na bhFiatheas go n-anamacha

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anam

As we reflect on our past we thank You for all the courageous people of Ireland who dared to hope and dream of a brighter tomorrow for our country and all of its citizens. Blessed are all those who sought to build a more inclusive and just society, for they are truly the chosen of God. Look kindly, we pray, on the people of Ireland from all traditions, at home and abroad.

Help us listen and respond to the voices that challenge in 2016 as we re-imagine our future. Conscious of our troubled past, 'To You O God, we sing a new song': a song of compassion, inclusion and engagement; a song of listening, social justice and respect for all; a song of unity, diversity, equality and peace; a song of Ceád Mile Fáilte and of care for our environment. With You, O Lord, we long to sing our new song in a spirit of true freedom.

Loving God, You know my frail heart and my frayed history and now another day begins. Give us courage to step onto new ground, eyes young again with energy and dreams. Help us to believe in beginnings, to listen to the voices that challenge and to sing a new song for Ireland.

Together, on this island, we have achieved a new peace. We cherish that peace, as we cherish all of the children of this island equally. We pray for all those who have suffered in the Troubles of the past century, and we hope for peace and reconciliation in the century that stretches before us.

Do gach duine ata ballaithe anseo ar an la specialta seo aguas i ngach ait in hÉireann, go mbeadh sonas, Sláinte aguast Síocháin againn.

Moladh go deo le Dia.

Praise God forever.

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