Wednesday 23 April 2014

16 key points of Kenny's TV speech

Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke to the nation last night in a televised address.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke to the nation last night in a televised address where he signalled the end of the bailout, but said it's not yet the end of austerity.

Here are the key points of Enda Kenny's TV speech:

"We had to act decisively to show investors, and markets, and our international partners that we were serious about fixing our economic problems."

"This was tough -- wages and services were cut, and new charges introduced."

"Many families have also had to face the devastating consequences of unemployment and emigration."

"I know many families are struggling to make ends meet. For many of you, the recent improvements in the economic situation are not yet being felt in your daily lives."

"Tomorrow morning, Ireland will again stand as a full member of the eurozone."

"Ireland is fighting back, the spirit of our people is as strong as ever."

"Your patience and resilience have restored our national pride and empowered us to face the challenges that remain."

"This week, the Government will publish a new medium-term economic plan that lays out the road ahead for our country."

"Never again will Ireland's stability be threatened by speculation and greed. We are never going back to that culture."

"We must continue to pursue prudent budgetary policies. That's what convinces those who create jobs that Ireland is a place in which they can invest with confidence."

"The creation of jobs will be at the heart of the plan. We will remove the barriers to new jobs in key sectors, and reform the welfare system to provide supports and incentives for unemployed people to take up new jobs."

"We will require the banking system to become a contributor to the economy, rather than a huge drain on it."

"The banks must do more to deal with mortgage distress and to provide access to credit for small business."

"By increasing total employment to over two million people by 2020, we can replace all of the jobs that were lost."

"I thank you for the part that you have played in Ireland's recovery to date."

"My commitment to you and your families is that for the remainder of the term, this Government will work, might and main, to finish the job that you have entrusted to us."

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