Friday 30 January 2015

Top Ten Best Cities in the World to live


10. Auckland, New Zealand: The capital of the north island of New Zealand, it is the most populated urban part of the country.
9. Perth, Australia: Cooler days and autumn colours make this a favourite time to experience the vibrant life of the state capital of Western Australia and one of the world's most isolated cities, currently booming on the back of the state's mineral wealth.
8. Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki comes alive when the temperature soars, the brief window of the Nordic summer fomenting a party spirit in Finland's capital. Between June and August, the sun scarcely seems to set on a metropolis that ranks as continental Europe's northernmost capital.
7. Sydney, Australia: Sydney is one of those places where you may feel you know the city already, with key famous landmarks like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge
6. Adelaide, Australia: The city was laid out by Colonel William Light, with a green belt of 1,700 acres of parkland separating the city from its suburbs.
5. Calgary, Canada: The largest city in Canada's Alberta province packs a punch with contemporary galleries, independent shops and thriving nightlife
4. Toronto, Canada: Start at the Toronto Music Garden on the shores of Lake Ontario, designed by the cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who was invited by the City of Toronto to map a garden on the theme of Bach's first cello suite
3. Vancouver, Canada: The largest city in British Columbia has long lured filmmakers, drawn by its dazzling Pacific location.
2. Vienna, Austria: The former Habsburg capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire retains the architectural grandeur of its powerful rulers. Their legacy forms most of Vienna's tourist attractions, from palaces to museums, complemented by an overlay of outstanding Secessionist buildings and a still-dynamic cultural scene.
1. Melbourne, Australia: Australia's second city may not have the glamour of Sydney, but its colonial heritage and multicultural dynamism more than compensates.

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