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Monday 15 September 2014

Italy's 10 biggest holiday rip-offs


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Cocktails in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Even at happy hour, a beer and a cocktail at this temple of consumerist posing can set you back €25. A single apperitif at Il Portico, a popular celebrity haunt, will cost around €35. Find somewhere less frenetically self-conscious.
The €20 Bellini at Harry’s Bar in Venice. It is an iconic cocktail in an iconic setting, but the price tag will leave a bitter after-taste. A change of management at Harry’s has just been announced, so bide your time until more reasonable prices are introduced.
Tea in St Marks Square, Venice. When the band is playing at Quadri’s or Florian’s, there is a €7 surcharge, so even a simple cuppa could cost you the best part of €20. Either steer clear or sit there for two hours, drinking in the scene

After a British tourist was charged £54 (€63) for four ice creams in Rome last week, we take a look at some other holiday rip-offs.

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