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Video: 'Scariest prank ever' gives elevator passengers the fright of their lives reporters

Published 07/12/2012 | 11:39

A macabre TV prank where hapless victims are given the fright of their lives after being left alone with a coffin in an elevator has become an internet sensation.

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Unsuspecting victims step into an elevator followed shortly by men dressed as undertakers who place a coffin upright in the corner and then leave.

The panic can clearly be seen in victims’ faces as the lift doors shut before the undertakers can return and they are left alone with the coffin.

The lift gives the impression it’s moving off – in reality it is stationary – then grinds to a halt as the lights flicker and suddenly the lid of the coffin springs open.

The corpse slumps out of the half-open coffin before springing to life and lunging for the victims as they scream, bang buttons and wrestle with the lift doors in sheer terror.

It is the latest prank from Brazilian TV presenter Silvio Santos who last month pulled a similar stunt with a screaming ghost girl in the same lift.

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