Monday 26 June 2017

The boxer, the model and the slap on the rear – Big Brother in crisis mode

Hazel O'Sullivan enters the Big Brother house. Photo:
Hazel O'Sullivan enters the Big Brother house. Photo:
Hazel O'Sullivan
Hazel O'Sullivan
Daley Ojuederie who has been removed from the Big Brother house due to his 'aggressive behaviour'

Big Brother bosses went into crisis mode after a contestant slapped and threatened to choke an Irish model.

Hazel O’Sullivan was slapped on the rear by boxer Daley Ojuederie before her pinned her to a bed and warned he’d “finish” her.

Wexford model Hazel had been involved in a playful row with the athlete before the mood turned nasty.

During a pillow fight on Sunday, Daley smacked the model, resulting in her calling him “rude”.

She fumed: “You can’t slap my a*se like that, don’t do that again because it hurt!”

He then warned her: “Do you want me to get mad? Do you remember when I said, ‘Yeah, when I go made it’s f**king scary.’”

He later threatened: “Have some respect for your f**king elders...cos if you don’t ...I’ll finish you...Respect you f**king elders...cos if you don’t...I’ll finish you..Respect your f**king elders, before I nut you one”.

Police have not been involved.

A statement issued by Channel 5 said: “Due to aggressive behaviour towards Hazel O’Sullivan, we have taken the decision to remove Daley Ojuederie from the Big Brother house.”

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