Tuesday 26 September 2017

Spirit FM: the verdict

As a perpetual cynic who views life as a glass half-empty, I had my doubts about liking Spirit FM. I found the steady diet of Christian soft-rock and 'inspirational' songs to be very difficult to stomach. As a music critic, its unrelentingly cheesy sound irritated, rather than soothed.

But there is much to be said for the station's discussion programmes. Ronan Johnson is an engaging presenter who allows his guests time to speak -- unlike rival stations.

Wendy Grace, too, is a broadcaster who doesn't seek glib soundbites, but rather coaxes intelligent conversation out of her interviewees.

And, Chris Sligh's version of 'Firework' -- which I heard time and again -- isn't a patch on Katy Perry's. Which truly is saying something: Perry is a likeable pop star, but she can barely hold a note.

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